My Top 10 Wedding Theme Choices

First off, if you are reading this I believe it’s safe to assume that the big proposal has happened, and I would like to congratulate you on your engagement.

My relationship status recently changed to engaged in December, 2014. That being said, wedding planning has taken off and I have spent a lot of time searching the internet for wedding theme ideas. The theme that my fiance and I have agreed upon is inspired by the film “The Great Gatsby”. It is a favorite movie of ours, and we both love the 1920’s inspired style.

Throughout my search for wedding themes, I came across so many fabulous ideas and would love to share my top 10 choices with you.

My Top 10 Wedding Theme Choices: 

#1. The Great Gatsby


This theme is endless and classy. Let it take you back to a time when sandles were strappy, music was made for dancing, and jewelry was meant to stand out. With this playful theme, you and your guests are sure to have a good time!

#2. Winter Wonderland 


The most wonderful time of the year! This was originally my top wedding theme choice, but my fiance unfortunately disagreed on having a Winter wedding. Not only does the scenery make for breathtaking photographs, but the decor ideas, and colour schemes are endless. Another advantage to a winter wedding is that the time of year is less common so many venues offer lower rates throughout the winter months.
#3. Beach Theme


One of the most beautiful and common wedding themes I have come across during my search. As common as a beach theme is, there are so many different ways it can be portrayed. I love the idea of centerpieces filled with sand.

#4. Victorian Vintage


I love the Victorian era. This theme ensures that your special day would be full of elegance and old world charm. This would make a perfect choice for an outdoor backyard style wedding. 

#5. Fairytale


Everyone longs for their happily ever after ending. So why not kick of the start of the rest of your life with the idea of happily ever after and let the magic and mystery flow?

#6. Rustic Country


What’s better than an outdoor country themed wedding with rustic charm? Sexy cowgirl boots rather than uncomfortable heels? Yes please, any day! 

#7. Whimsical


Where could you go wrong with such a fun, playful, colorful theme? Let your venue be your canvass!  

#8. The Wizard of Oz


Follow the yellow brick road to say I do, and journey through a night full of fun and adventure. I just love fun movie wedding theme ideas!

#9. Old-Time Carnival


But seriously,  How fun would this be? This would make for such a playful atmosphere. I guarantee there would not be a single bored or uncomfortable guest with a theme such as this. Serve up some cotton candy, popcorn, and admit one tickets. Heck, I’d even go for the old fashioned kissing Booth!

#10.  Travel


Pack your luggage and take a timeless world adventure with your  guests by choosing a travel themed wedding. Perfect for couples that love traveling as much as they love each other.  I love the idea of the luggage bags rather than bouquets for bridesmaids, it’s so unique!

Well there you have it, my top 10 wedding theme choices. I saw so many more that interested me, and this list could probably go on forever, but I decided it was best to choose the ones that stood out most to me. I hope this post was able to inspire you and give you an idea of what direction you would like to go in while choosing your theme for your special day. There will be many more wedding planning posts to come, so feel free to follow me and stay connected.

Good luck all you lovely bride to be’s,  and Happy planning!

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